ITEM OF THE WEEK: The Turkish Towel

Posted by Elizabeth McNeil on

Oh, the Turkish Towel. So versatile, uber luxurious and most importantly – absorbent. We can’t live without our Turkish towels, and you shouldn’t be either!

Why are they so good? They are luxuriously soft, and continue to get softer with each wash… They’re lightweight, which makes them easy to pack in a bag for a day at the beach or sneak into your suitcase for your next island escape. They are also more absorbent then regular cotton towels! This is due to their long fibres and weaving process. So, it’s a no brainer that you need to swap that heavy cotton for one of these must-haves. We love using ours as a beach towel, turned sarong, and even as a picnic blanket...

For the entire month of April we will be giving away a Turkish Towel with every playsuit you purchase – so why not select a new outfit and get the bonus of a free towel.

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