How to Avoid a Hangover

Posted by Elizabeth McNeil on

Planning a big weekend? Follow our quick-fix tips for avoiding spending the next morning with a miserable hangover. 

1. H2O: For every glass of alcohol you should be drinking one glass of water. This will slow your drinking down and boost your hydration, helping you avoid a nasty headache. It's also a must for the next morning, when your body will be craving the extra hydration.

2. Eat: Alcohol absorbs much quicker on an empty stomach, so it's really important to have a meal before you head out for a night on the drinks. It'll stop you becoming a quick drunk.

3. No mixing: Don't switch your drinks, keep to the same type of alcohol for the night. This will reduce your chance of a headache the next morning. 

4. Vitamin B: While alcohol reduces many nutrients, vitamin b is a noticeable one. So take a Vitamin B capsule before and after your night out.

5. Coconut: Make up for all the lost electrolytes the next morning with a big glass of coconut water. Coconut water is known for aiding the electrolytes lost while drinking.

6. Breakfast: Having a big, healthy breakfast the next morning will help aid your body! Eggs are great for reducing the liver damage caused from alcohol, while sourdough will regulate your blood sugar levels which drop after a night with alcohol. 

7. Excersise: Get the endorphins pumping with a quick work out the next morning, it'll help boost your mood and wake up your body (be sure to rehydrate!). 

8. Sleep: When all else fails, get back into bed...... 

We hope this helps you avoid your next hangover, happy friday!



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