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With summer just around the corner, here are some simple tips to keep you hair at its summer best.


1. Trim Before Summer. Summer is harsh on your hair, have a trim before the swimming season starts to remove the unhealthy ends before you hit the sun.


2. Protect Your Hair from the Sun. This is even more important if you colour your hair. We recommend using a UV protector before going in the sun.

 Kitoko Sun-Defence UV Spray provides light-weight, invisible protection from sun exposure. It is a  leave-in treatment that  has been blended with natural African plant extracts; pomegranate, redbush, green tea, karite, vitamins A&E and UV filters that work in harmony to protect hair exposed to extreme sunlight and halts free-radical damage.


3. Conditioner. Before heading to the beach lather you dry hair with Conditioner. Start at the ends and work your way up, then spray with a water bottle, don't over saturate, just slightly damp. Leave the conditioner in, don't rinse it our, this will become a treatment the sun will activate the conditioner.


4. Mist Your Hair. Fill a small spray bottle with 1/4 conditioner and 3/4 water and take it with you to the beach. After swimming reapply the conditioner from your spray bottle.  Keep your hair damp.


5. Wide Tooth Comb. Don't Leave home without a wide tooth comb, keep one in your beach bag. After swimming spray the comb with your misting conditioner and run it through your hair to prevent your hair from knotting.


6. Salt as a Styling Aid. Heading out straight from your swim, don't worry saltwater give your hair texture and allows it to hold a style better. After a day at the beach add a little bit of styling gel and scrunch up for a summer beach look.  Alternatively to achieve that just left the beach style use Toni & Guys Sea Salt Spray


7. Hot Oil Treatment .Perfect at home hair care. Get into the habit of giving yourself a hot oil treatment, it will leave your hair nourished and rejuvenated.


8. Swear off Blowdryers.  Try to air dry your hair after a day at the beach, or use a diffuser. Using a blowdryer after a day in the sun can make your hair doubly damaged.






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