The Immune Booster Tea

We're all for a little immune boost during winter, so when we stumbled upon this Muddled Marrakech Mint Tea recipe we were keen to try it. This tea is super delicious and great for you too! So boost that immune system and help detox your body by following these easy steps:

What you'll need: 2 lemon wedges, 1 cinnamon stick, 1 star anise and some fresh mint leaves.

How to make it: 

Place the mint leaves into the bottom of a glass and muddle - tip, press down gently on the leaves and give a few twists.

Then combine the other ingredients in a cup and pour boiling water over it all so that the flavours infuse.

You can add a dash of manuka honey for a natural sweetener.


Mint contains menthol which means it's great for clearing up phlegm and mucus, or easing a sore throat as well as boosting digestion. Cinnamon also has really good digestive properties and works as an anti-bacterial - great for flu season! Star anise has antioxidants and boosts your immune system. Make it daily for a delicious and easy way to boost your immune system!


Recipe via The Healthy Chef


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